-----------------The Producers Acclaims--------------
1)someone will die in this season, a main character
2)the "monster" is not a monster nor an ape

-----------------An anonymous Trustworthy Source Acclaims--------------
1)All the characters are on the island for REDEMPTION. The purgatory was close but no cigar. They all have to repay for something they did... Example:

1>Kate: killed "the man she loved"
2>Charlie: needs to give up drugs
3> Locke: needs to regain spirit he felt when he could walk
4> Sun: stand up to her prejudiced husband, Jin
and so on......

--------My own Speculations--------------
1)"Ethan Rom" hanged Charlie because he could not die on he ground. Nor could anyone. Explanation:

---Drowned girl died in the water
---marshal died on a mat
---pilot was eaten from the air, never touched the ground. never left the plane.
---JACK began the FIRST episode on the gground lying down. NOT DEAD. though physics tell us he should be.
---RUSSO*(french lady) lives underground. Gee, she's isnt dead either.

-------Things that need to be put together--------
The black and white rocks that appeared in an episode for 5 seconds and taht was it
The polar bear
Ethan, his miraculaous ability to hang people with no help?
Claire's "dreams"
Locke in claire's "dreams"
The fortune tell in Claire's flashback
The cable that leads out to the ocean
The anonymous corpses *****on a rock not on the ground****** from 40 years ago
The black and white theme
The black rock
Locke's eyes in Claire's dreams
Locke being a fortune teller in Claire's dreams
The fact that it is highly likely that Locke has seen the "island"
Kate's airplane
The connection between "THE POLAR BEAR" and a comic that Walt was reading right before that scene" Note: the comic book was: Green lantern versus teh polar bear.
Is the black lady, Rose's husband alive?
Who drowned
I Hurley accounted for, because he accounted for the others but not him
Charlie's LATE rings(may have orignally said FATE but changed to mean taht he was late for a concert in LA)
The song that Russo wrote next to mathematics and latitude and longitude notes.

Posted byNick at 7:39 PM

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sherdawg said... 2:41 PM  

i think the fans of LOST are going to be called "lostees"????ha ha
but really, don't you feel LOST after watching each episode!!!!

there are so many loose ends and coincidences that it is hard to figure out exactly what is going on--- sometimes i think that they are all dead and this is just their stream of thinking just before they die in the plane crash.....it seems to reflect the solution of some of their hangups and problems as well as the fulfillment of their "dreams" (ie Locke being able to walk and be a great hunter and hero) just idle thoughts

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