Theories for the Hallucination

The Hallucination

In the Hearts and Minds, Locke knocks Boone out and ties him up. He pours a mixture on his head and leaves him with a slightly out-of-reach knife impaled in the ground. Boone hears Shannon screaming and finds strength to free himself from the rope using the knife. He runs to her, also tied up. She says that Locke tied her up too. They hear the MONSTER coming after them. They hide in the trees. Eventually, they start to run. The monster gobbles Shannon up and her corpse is left on the rocks next to a pond of some sort. She dies in Boone's arms. Boone leaves and tries to kill Locke. Then he realizes therer is no blood on him, which Locke points out. Shannon is nearby, talking to someone.

Theory 1
Boone could not give up his excessive caring for Shannon. It caused him distress. Therefore he must see her die, to realize that he is relived with her gone. Like everyone else, he must accomplish something. Locke helped him do it.

Theory 2
Locke has found some mixture on the island that makes you see what your inner soul is thinking. He uses it on Boone to make sure it works.

Theory 3
What boone saw was foretelling a future situation on the island.

Theory 4
Locke is out for the better good of everyone....

These theories are highly undeveloped. Its you turn to speculate. Post a comment either adding to a theory or adding to THEORY 5 which is left empty for completely any theory you can think up. Be creative.

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