Fan Jargon

"The Best and Most Likely Only Guide to confusing "Lost" fan-terms."

Shipper Terms

Jater: n./adj. Used to describe the Kate/Jack relationship. Also Jate.

Jun: Used to describe the Jin/Sun relationship. Also Junner.

Mocke: n. Used to describe the Locke/Monster relationship.

PB and J: Used to describe the Charlie/Claire relationship.

Shayid: n./adj. Used to describe the Shannon/Sayid relationship.

Shoone: n./adj. Used to describe the Shannon/Boone relationship.

Skater: n./adj. Used to describe the Kate/Sawyer relationship. Also Skate.

Vincear: Used to describe the bizarre Polar Bear/Vincent relationship.


Club "Ana Lucia Rules: ship. A Spanish-speaking only club for Ana Lucia fans.

D.I.M.P.L.E.S.: ship. A Sawyer/Josh Holloway club.

Eko's Tribe: ship. A Mr. Eko fan club.

JIF: ship. Jin is Fine. Choosy viewers choose Jif.

Peanut Butter and Jelly Shipper ship. The ever-popular Claire/Charlie shipper. Also PB and J, PB, PB and J Ship.

S.N.I.C.K.E.R.S: ship. Sawyers Nicknamers: Incredibly Creative Kool Entertaining and Really Sarcastic. "Fiendishly clever".

T.A.T.S: ship.. 1. Totally Addicted to The Show. 2. This ship is only for those whose affection and fondness for Lost has morphed into an omnivorous addiction. If Lost stomps through your head like the island monster, you belong in T.A.T.S.

WALS: ship. We all love Sayid.

General "Lost" terms

Fusie: n. A survivor of the fuselage section of Flight 8-15.

Lostaway: n. 1. A fan of "Lost" 2. A survivor of Flight 8-15 (of the original 48).

Lostie: n. 1. A fan of "Lost" 2. A survivor of Flight 8-15.

Lostverse: n. The world of "Lost".

Monster: n. That wierd thing in the jungle that you never seem to get a glimpse of. Also Lostzilla.

Talie: n. A survivor of the tail section of Flight 8-15. Also Tailaways.

Woobie: n. A respectable term for Locke.

Please post any additions you may have.

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