Not in Portland Easter Eggs

There a few really cool Easter eggs in last week's episode, Not in Portland.

1. Apollo ad

Apollo Ad

2. When Karl's brainwashing video is played backwards, a voice is heard repeating the phrase, “Only fools are enslaved by time and space.”

Click here

3. The backwards saying above, as well as some of the text in the "brainwashing" video and Buddhist sayings.

Posted byNick at 5:44 PM

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PlanetLOST said... 6:17 PM  

Hey guys, here's the entire Carl Film deconstructed image by image for your perusing pleasure....

Part One - Part Two

Including the Hanso photo, the 8 and 23 and some other wild stuff....

Anonymous said... 12:33 PM  

We made this cool LOST/The Office trailer mash-up for this week’s Office episode directed by J.J. Abrams.

Hope you like it:
LOST in the Office

Nick said... 9:58 PM  

Nicely done! I'm also a big fan of the Office and this week's episode should be good.

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