One mystery is solved!

So we can stop whining now...

We've seen the "monster" and it's proved that perhaps "monster" isn't the right term to identify it. The initial thoughts I had about it were 1) It reminded me of Prey 2) There were images in it. and 3) The way Eko looked at it reminded me of how Locke looked at it. They both showed no fear.


Besides the fact the nearly all of Chricton's books remind me of "Lost"...(The Andromeda Strain, State of Fear, Congo, Sphere, Airframe, and Timeline especially)...Prey definately could lead us to the mechanics behind this hovering haze. Perhaps the "Security System" is a cloud of floating nano particles that are programmed to scan a person's mind and see if they "worthy" or "good" or some other factor. If not, it know what happened to the pilot.

Faces in the cloud

I mentioned that the cloud scans the person's memories. Well, look closely and you can see Eko's memories in the black smoke.

(Above, Look upside down and you will see a manifestation of Eko when he first arrived on the island.)

(Above, I don't have TiVo so you'll have to bear with someone else's screenshot. Nevertheless, you can clearly see Eko's brother and a Nigerian woman.)

(Above, How did we miss that? In a previous episode when we got a glimpse of the "monster", faces could be seen in the cloud. Although the faces aren't identifiable I presume they relate to someone's past.)

More images...

A crucifix
Eko's Brother's Church
Eko's Partner
Little Eko


When Locke looked into the "Eye of the Island" and quote: "It was beautiful" :unquote he showed no fear. He looked in awe, as did Eko. I think the "Security System" is checking up on the survivors and eliminating those that pose a threat. It checks their memory. I think the Others harness or control the Security System and are looking for someone or something. Maybe I need to read Prey again.


I'd like to pay tribue to all of my theories and everyone's theories about the "monster" that have been debunked due to this recent revelation.

The Dinosuar—Undoubtably the most popular reaction to the "monster" in Episode One.
King Kong—or some giant ape/ape people/or gorillas.
Pillsbury Doughboy—Recently discovered to be Hurley. Thanks Sawyer!
A Robot—Partially right I suppose.
Nothing—No, it was definately something.

So there you have it folks! The answer to everything you wanted to know about the secrets of "Lost"...except the polar bears, Dharma, the "hatch", Walt's powers, Locke's ability to walk etc. etc. etc. etc.....

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