Joanna is back?

I thought I might make an entire post regarding the previously posted spoiler:

The person who comes initially to mind is Shannon. But wait...we knew Shannon very well...and she seemed quite dead to me.

But I'm sorry to all Shannon fans. I don't think Shannon will make a return. Rather, Joanna will return. O yeah, Joanna...who's Joanna? In an early episode, a castaway drowned in the ocean before anyone could save her—her name was Joanna.

In other news, Locke's cause of handicap is revealed, new girl arrives (possibly Joanna...), and underwater thingy discovered—an underwater "hatch"?

Perhaps Walt was taken to an underwater "hatch" by the Others and so has Joanna. Now Joanna appears in ghostlike form like Walt did in the jungle. Maybe the shark in episode two was from this "hatch". Remember, it had a Dharma logo on it.

Now, I'm rambling. Let's get back to Joanna:

So states Sledgeweb's Lost...Stuff in regard to Joanna:

Joanna was an experienced diver, and was in Australia traveling along the coast diving the Great Barrier Reef. She met and dove with the diarist Janelle Granger.

Janelle Granger was the author of the diary on the ABC's Lost homepage. We haven't seen her mentioned or in person on the show to this date.

Joanna had her seat on Flight 815 changed, so she could sit next to Janelle. On day 7, on the island, Joanna was caught in a rip current and drowned. Janelle comments in her diary that "It just doesn't make sense. She was smarter than that - she knew about the rip tides and how to swim parallel to the beach."

Kate later burns the photo on Joanna's passport as she tries to get a spot on the raft.

Click here for a picture of her burned photograph.

Apparently, she intends to use the passport and assume Joanna's identity. However, she is busted by Sawyer and exposed before the other survivors.

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